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Personal Support Worker Program

Freedom College's Personal Support Worker (PSW) Certificate Program prepares students for a rewarding and fulfilling career in the provision of care and support services to people of all ages by assisting them with their routine activities of daily living to promote independence and achieve a better quality of life.

As a PSW student, you will learn many valuable skills which can be used to promote and develop a broad range of abilities to provide not only the comfort, safety and well-being of their clients, but also demonstrate sensitivity for those in their care. The graduate will be able to provide individualized clientcentered care based on a plan of care that incorporates the individual’s culture and values and work with the team including the client and family.

Graduates may find employment opportunities in a variety of care settings including:

  • Long-term care facilities.
  • Home care services giving care to clients living in their own homes in community.
  • Supportive housing settings including seniors’ apartments and retirement homes.
  • Group homes.
  • Hospitals.
  • Adult day programs.
  • Educational facilities.

Information about Freedom College’s PSW program

  • The Personal Support Worker - PSW Certificate Program is an intensive, six-months full-time program.
  • Instructions are provided in topic areas such as health challenges, lifespan perspectives, mental health issues, palliative care. A laboratory component allows the students to practice skills necessary for the practicum.
  • A vital component of the program is hands-on work experience through off-site practicum placements with health care, long term care, and social service agencies.
  • Our small class sizes allow for individualized attention.
  • The courses are designed with input from subject-matter experts, program design experts, and consultants to ensure courses are current and relevant.
  • Our highly motivated, experienced and qualified instructors – a Registered Nurse (RN) and other experts with robust industry background who are committed to ensuring that our students are equipped with skills and knowledge required for their success in the field of health care and social services.


Course Code Description
PSW 001 Introduction to the Personal Support Worker Role.
This course introduces the student to the common values necessary in the performance of the role of a Personal Support Worker. It addresses the concepts of professionalism, team collaboration, self awareness, ethical principles and workplace legislation.
PSW 002 Communication and Helping Relationships
This course explores the importance of communication and the establishment of helping relationships. The concepts of clear reporting and accurate documentation; professional boundaries; and facilitative communication are addressed.
PSW 003 Promotion of Safe Comfortable Environments
This course addresses the issues that promote a safe environment. In addition, emphasis is placed on legislative acts and different agency requirements for a safe environment.
PSW 004 Life Span Perspectives
This course deals with the principles and stages of growth and development. Emphasized are the developmental tasks for each age group as well as theories applicable to growth and development. In addition, the role of the Personal Support Worker in caring for individuals of different age groups is addressed.
PSW 005 Nutrition
In this course, students learn how to prepare meals according to the client's needs and preferences as well as applying Canada's Food Guide. Special diets and food/fluid requirements are addressed.
PSW 006 Structure and Function of the Human Body
This is an introductory course on the different body systems and their functions which will serve as a basis for learning the health challenges of the individuals being cared for by the Personal Support Worker. Students learn basic medical terminology as it relates to the location and function of body organs, basic word structure and prefixes and suffixes.
PSW 007 Health Challenges
This course focuses on the common health challenges that face individuals needing the support and care of a Personal Support Worker. Emphasis is given to the individuals improvement of the quality of life through health promotion and disease prevention strategies. .
PSW 008 Laboratory
This course prepares the students to perform procedures in assisting and caring for individuals who require the services of a PSW. Students are supervised in the performance of various procedures and evaluated according to their knowledge and skills. .
PSW 009 Mental Health Issues
This course focuses on the issues related to mental health. Factors affecting mental health, the issue of stigma, the effect of mental health disorders/mental illnesses on the individuals and families are explored. Furthermore, the various ways of supporting individuals and their families are addressed.
PSW 010 Care and Support of Families
This course addresses the importance of family inclusion in the care of clients. Topics include the PSW'S role and relationship with families, caregivers issues, and child and infant care according to the guidelines of the care plan.
PSW 011 Household Management
This course addresses the activities and procedures in managing a household that are individualized for each client. Topics include household activities, shopping, and safe operation of household equipment.
PSW 012 Issues in Palliative Care and End of Life
The focus of this course deals with palliative care issues as well as end of life issues. Students explore the impact of culture, religion, age and attitudes on these issues.
PSW 013 Clinical Practicum – Long Term Care
This course allows the student to practice supporting individuals with different needs in long term care facilities.
PSW 014 Clinical Care- Community
This course allows the student to practice supporting individuals with different needs in a variety of settings such as private homes, residential facilities, and schools.
PSW 015 Consolidation of Clinical Practicum
This is the course which emphasizes the application of knowledge and practice of skills in providing safe and competent care.

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