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Student Services

Airport Pickup

Airport pickup can be arranged for international students arriving in the country for their first time. Students are required to complete the form indicating their need for this service and input all the required information and submit on our website. (Forms should be completed and submitted at least one week prior to arrival)

Boarding/Housing Accommodation

Freedom College of Business, Healthcare and Technology Inc has the safety and security of its students as its priority. We have made contact with a number of owners of housing accommodations which can be utilized by our students. Freedom College of Business, Healthcare and Technology will be very pleased to provide information about the accommodations to our valued students. (It should however be emphasized that students will be responsible for the cost of their accommodations while undertaking the program at Freedom College of Business, Healthcare and Technology Inc.)


Freedom College of Business, Healthcare and Technology is pleased to open its doors to students from various ethnic groups and cultural backgrounds. Hence, we acknowledge the importance of orientating our international students to our campus. Students will have a chance to tour our facility, be introduced to faculty members and fellow students and also given a brief overview of their program of study. Students will be provided with their course schedules, timetables and the completion of any additional documents for admission. Additionally, students are therefore encouraged to arrive in Canada at least 1 to 2 weeks before classes begin.

Important Links

  1. Study Permit: About the Process
  2. Documents required for obtaining a Study Permit for Canada.
  3. Adjusting to a new life and Culture in Canada.
Health Insurance Coverage
International students pursuing studies at Freedom College of Business, Healthcare and Technology are required to have insurance coverage for the duration of their program in the event of injury or illness on and off campus. For more information please visit

http://www.windwarinsurance.com and contact caroline@winwarinsurance.ca

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(Special points of interest)

  • COVID-19 Updates: In response to the increasing COVID-19 positive cases, Premier Doug Ford has moved Toronto into the grey “Lockdown” zone starting 23rd November, 2020. This decision has been taken to slow down the transmission rate and help keep the most vulnerable safe. The health and safety of our students and the Freedom College community is our number one priority. We have shared responsibilities in following the recommendations of the Government of Canada and Provincial and Local Public Health authorities. Freedom College is committed to meeting the measures outlined for as long as it is required by the Government.: November 23rd 2020 - December 31st 2022
  • Freedom College is a proud member of the National Association of Career Colleges and Career Colleges Ontario : March 29th 2021
  • Registration for 2021 - 2022 Falls begins June 2021. Winter Registration begins October 2021 and Summer registration starts April 2022: December 1st 2021 - December 3rd 2022
  • Registrations Open: Keeping in mind the health and safety of our staff and students during the COVID-19 pandemic Freedom College continues to provide the PSW and DSW program classes online. Registrations for May 2022 intake are open.: March 2nd 2022 - August 31st 2022
  • We are currently accepting applications for Developmental Services Worker and Personal Support Worker programs. Registration is on-going. We also offer the NACC PSW Certificate program. : April 27th 2022
  • Freedom College of Business, Healthcare and Technology Inc. is now offering classes in NACC -PSW 2022: April 28th 2022